Daijiworld Audio Visual, a resolution

Daijiworld studio is one of the reputed and well established recording studios in Mangaluru. Special care has been taken in designing this state- of- the- art studio to meet the demand and expectations of clients suitable for all kinds of audio as well as video projects. The combination of our world-class equipment and the cozy ambience of the studio complement the high standard of vocal recordings and extract the best out of an artiste.

The special attraction is its console room- a backbone of the studio, which is set as per CID (Controlled Image Design) and the speaker set up is as per the ITU-R BS 775-3 Standard.

Another special attraction of the studio is the incorporation of analogue equipments with digital domain, Class Preamps, summing Amplifiers promising the best output. These equipments combined with the expertise of our well qualified and equally experienced sound engineers give that extra edge in providing full fledged prompt and efficient services to our valued clients.

Located at Daijiworld Residency building in Bondel, the studio is equipped with the latest Digital Audio/Video workstations consisting high quality microphones, other gadgets and latest version of final cut studio in the professional Video Editing suite.

Offering premium quality services like Ad Films, documentaries, jingles with other recording audio contents and much more both in visual and audio media, the studio is sophisticated with state-of-the-art facility which is able to match up perfectly to the digital age’s demands with its creativity, quality and reliability.